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My inspiration for designing and creating the Burrow Dog Bed came from this little guy in the picture below, Beau. My husband and I rescued Beau from a local shelter and unbeknownst to us at the time, he was very sick with pneumonia. While he was recovering, I confused his burrowing under the covers with a need to stay warm rather than something he did naturally. So, I went to the local fabric store, bought plush fabric that I would enjoy in my home, and created a bed for him that would satisfy his need to nest in the blankets.

The rest of the story is probably similar to many new products in that when people saw the bed, they wanted one for their dog. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to obtain patent, and start a business to offer them for sale.

The beds are well made of beautiful fabrics that will blend with most home decor. My love of dogs, combined with finding value in quality and beauty has made the business of manufacturing and selling the Burrow Dog Bed a dream for me.

I hope you and your dog enjoy the Burrow Dog Bed for years to come!


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