The Making of a Good Dog Bed

What makes a good dog bed the best dog bed enjoyed by both humans and dogs?  It’s one that satisfies all needs such as comfort, quality, functionality, and beauty.

When I designed the first Burrow Dog Bed, I didn’t plan on making something that would some day be sold to anyone who wanted one.  I thought I was making one dog bed specifically for my dog. It had to function in a way that would suit our needs, both mine and Beau’s.  He liked to lift my bedsheets with his nose and scoot under the blanket until his body was fully covered. So, the bed dog I made had to emulate the same feel and purpose as my bed.  


The Idea

My solution to this dilemma was to attach a blanket to a base pillow and add a few functional features.  On the side of the blanket was a weighted edge that enabled Beau to easily lift the edge of the blanket with his nose.  I’ve dubbed the phrase “nose bump edge” to describe the purpose of the design. The inside of the blanket was lined with satin to ease entering and exiting the bed.  The two open sides of the blanket allow ventilation and added access to the bed while also allowing fresh air for him to breathe.

Fabric selection was also a significant factor in what the dog bed was made of.  A beautiful dog bed in my home was important to me, it had to last a long time, it had to be washable, and it had to protect him from drafts.  The first fabric I used was a velboa because it was durable, pretty, and washable. It looked very nice in my home and I was pleased with how it continued to look like new wash after wash.  I still have the first Burrow Dog Bed that I made 8-years ago, and it still looks just as good as it did when I first made it. I personally think the more the bed is washed, the better it looks and feels!


The First Burrow Bed

The first Burrow Dog Bed had two standard pillows inside it and was completely sewn closed on all four sides.  Today’s Burrow Dog Bed is the same size, 35”x 25”, but has been improved by replacing the two standard bed pillows with one 35”x25” memory foam pillow.  A zipper that runs the length of the bed was added to one side to ease in removing the cover for washing. I must say, that although the memory foam pillow is wonderful and adds a nice plush feel to the bed, Beau still uses his original bed with two standard bed pillows inside.


The Unknown Truth about Burrow Dog Beds

Surprisingly enough, the number one complaint I’ve found in my personal research about most dog beds designed for burrowing breeds is that they flip over when the dog tries to burrow inside.  Many of the dog beds on the market, either for burrowing breeds or just lying on top of the dog bed, are made in China. They’re filled with a poly-fill that’s cheap, flattens quickly, and light weight.  When the dog tries to burrow, they end up turning over. The dog ends up dissatisfied with the bed and doesn’t use it.

Consequently, the Burrow Dog Bed design does not flip at all.  I’ve witnessed all sort of dogs use the bed and I haven’t ever seen the Burrow Dog Bed flip, not once.  The Burrow Dog Bed is made in the USA and sold only in the USA for USA dogs! 😊  We use quality materials to construct the Burrow Dog Bed and offer a 10-year warranty.




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