How Sleeping with My Dog Led Me to Inspiration

Although I’ve had many dogs in my life, I’ve never had one sleep with me in my bed until I adopted Beau.

The rescue agency said Beau was 6 weeks old when we adopted him, but I can tell you that I’m sure he was a bit younger than that.  He barely had his puppy teeth and he could hardly eat dog food.  Needless to say, he came to me very sick with pneumonia and the vet gave me grave odds of him surviving at all.  My mothering instincts kicked in and I spent the next two weeks helping this puppy fight for his life.  It was as if I had a newborn baby again because I was feeding him by hand every two hours around the clock and giving him his meds.

This is when it happened.  I took my adorable little velvet puppy who was so sick into my bed with me.  He had a little fleece puppy blanket that I kept him wrapped in right next to my side.  About every two hours, I would scoop him up and walk out to the front yard, often barefoot, and place him in the grass so that he could tinkle.  It was late October and at 2am it was pretty cold, so as soon as he was finished, I would bundle him up again in his blanket and take him back to bed with me to keep warm.  This continued for several weeks before he turned around and regained his strength.  I never tired of it and I honestly believe it made me love him more for what we went through together. 

So fast forward almost ten years, and my adorable puppy is now an adorable adult dog who still sleeps in our bed. 😊


How Many of Us Sleep with Our Dogs?

Like many of us, when we want to know something we google it.  I found a survey done by the Novosbed company that found that 71% of dog owners sleep with their dogs.  43% sleep with them every night.  23% sleep with their dogs occasionally and 5% sleep with their dog when their partner is out of town.


Inspired by a Purpose

I believe that God puts things in our path for a reason.  It’s amazing to me that something so special to me has given me so much love and inspiration.  Beau sleeping with me inspired me to design and develop the Burrow Dog Bed to fulfill his need to sleep under the covers, after all, sleeping in my bed 24 hours a day wasn’t an option!  Little did I know at the time, that it would develop into something that not only served a real purpose for him but ended up being something I love to do.


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